Burger Sammy

I’ve been known on occasion not to have all the ingredients I’d like for a recipe. When faced with this dilemma I improvise. Hence the “Sammy” part of this burger. I forgot to pick up buns when I at the store and seeing that there was a loaf of French bread in the house I figured I’d substitute. I’ll be doing that again.


1 lb ground beef (80% lean)

3/4 c diced Anaheim chilies

1/2 c diced sweet onions

Salt & Pepper

Thick cut bacon

White cheddar cheese




Mustard (Mendocino Mustard is a personal preference)

French Bread


1. In a bowl, combine ground beef, Anaheim chilies, onions, salt and pepper. Form into patties and toss on the grill until cooked to your desired “doneness”.

2. Cook bacon.

3. Assemble burger.

I tossed together a quick Savory Blackberry Salad to go with it and because I’m slightly addicted to it at the moment.





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