September Evenings & Helicopters

Here I am sitting on the deck listening to the helicopters fly over and wondering “where did the last month go?” I swear it was just last week that I sat down and started this blog with every intention of posting on a regular basis. So, what happened you ask? Life I guess. I started blogging and then was offered a job, two actually. In the end, after a nervous breakdown, okay not a full-blown nervous breakdown, but definitely one in which I had to call in some reinforcements, I turned them down. They weren’t the right fit. I know what I want (I’ll tell you about it soon, I promise) and neither fit the bill. I’ve made my fair share of poor choices when it comes to my career but I tend to want to blame the economy and the lack of opportunities. Now however, I’m determined to find something that I really love.


Back to life getting the better of me. Long story short…I had to move in August. I’m grateful to have found a place to stay in which I can have my kids and still be able to achieve my crazy “pay off my student loan debt within eight years of graduating college” plan. Next year, when the final payment is made, will probably be one of the biggest days of my life. I know to some that may seem silly but to me it’s a really big deal. I’ve worked really hard to get to this point and while my friends are off traveling I’ve busting my butt to pay off the five-figure debt from my double major at a private university in LA, a truck, and credit card debt. It has not been easy but when that final payment is made I’m going to cry.

Anyway, I moved and the dust has settled a bit. I’ve started up the job search again and am on the hunt for a fantastic position at a great company within the fashion industry. This will, of course, require a move back to SoCal (super excited to go home). I’m also pondering a marathon and a few adventures…maybe a week in Costa Rica with a board and few margaritas. Mango margaritas sound so good right now. Maybe I should go make one and enjoy the company of the world’s cutest dog ever.


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