Lower Lola Montez Trail

In early October the girls, Abby & Lexi, and I headed out to tackle some early morning hiking. Nothing like a little fresh air and cold mountain water to wake one up. I had heard about Lola Montez Lake from several people and thought I needed to check it out. After completing the hike and comparing notes with friends and family I’m thinking I went to a different lake than the one in which they talked about.
The trail started out quite nice then turned onto a gravel road which was pretty boring if I’m being honest. Next you turn right and take a dirt trail up which winds it’s way up a hill. This probably the most challenging portion of the trail. The trail is shared with mountain bikes so be prepared to be covered in dirt. Seeing as we were hiking late in the season the trail was a major dust bowl. Two to three inches of powdery dust that just covered everything and I mean everything. The trail come back out on a gravel road with some decent views of the surrounding area and a few very remote homes. After the houses stay to your left and eventually you’ll run into Lower Lola Montez Lake. Beautiful. There’s nothing quiet like an alpine lake bright and early on a weekend morning.

View of Castle Peak

You can get to the trailhead by taking the Soda Springs exit off Hwy 80. Cross to the west side of 80 and make an immediate right turn. Drive past the fire station and find a parking spot along the street. the trailhead is located on the west side of the road. The hike is six miles round trip but plan to stay a little while once you get to the lake. Rumor has it in the late summer months it makes for a great swimming hole. There are also campgrounds in case you’re so inclined.




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