Glittery Keys

Pinterest got the best of me. Who knew there were so many crafty people out there? And the ideas they come up with. I wouldn’t consider myself to be crafty. I don’t have a closet, or drawer filled with odds and ends waiting to be turned into something magically. I do have a few boxes filled with pens, some colored pencils, glitter, glue, post-it notes, etc. I managed to find a hot glue gun I didn’t know I had. Talk about a shocker.

So now that I’m not working two jobs, or spending every free moment job searching, I’ve decided to try out what the cool kids are doing these days. Glitter keys seemed like a safe place to start. The last time I tried skateboarding I totally ate it in a parking garage. I haven’t been back. Mind you I still have my board and it’s on my list of things to learn to do this year but I first need to buy some hockey gear before I go head to head with the pavement.

Anyway, I felt I needed a little color in my life and plus I had moved a few months ago so why not celebrate with beautifying my new keys.





Nail polish

Paper Towel


Apply glue to one side of the key and then cover with glitter and let dry completely. Once dry, turn key over and repeat. Then put a few coats of clear nail polish on each side and let dry completely. This took a couple of days for me to finish but they’ve really held up.




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