My front door has been feeling a little neglected lately. Okay, lately isn’t quite the truth. It’s been feeling neglected since I moved in five months ago. I’ve been looking for a door mat that wasn’t too pricey or too industrial. After all, I live in LA and it’s not like we have crazy snow storms or anything.

So, after a trip to Ikea a few weeks ago, I found a plain doormat that I thought would work perfectly but it need a little something. I lack in the artsy department. It’s just not something I ever picked up. Because of this I knew I couldn’t get too carried away or else I would need to buy another one. I decided on a paw print in honor of the girls. We’re quickly approaching their birthdays. I can’t believe they’ve been in my life for almost three years now. I have to say they’re the best kids I know, but then again, I may be a little bias.






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