Sandstone Peak

Alrighty, back in April (go ahead and judge but remember I told you I had fallen behind here), the girls and took a quick early morning drive up to Malibu and into the Santa Monica Mountains. We were off to check out Sandstone Peak and to see what all of the buzz was about. Even my non-hiking coworkers had asked me if I had hike Sandstone Peak and many of them assumed that I had. They sometimes forget that I was in NorCal for a few years and covered trails in and around Lake Tahoe and the Foothills. They also don’t realize that I spent my first three months back freelancing for my previous job and logging some seriously long work weeks. I didn’t get out too much to do a lot of hiking and I’ve been trying to catch up ever since.

We arrived early, the sun was shining, and there were only a few cars in the dirt parking area at the trailhead. A perfect way to start a Saturday morning hike if you ask me. We set off up the trail and continued up, and up, and up some more until we made it to the summit. Now, don’t get all discouraged by thinking that it’s some sort of grueling uphill slog. It totally isn’t. It’s a workout but the good kind of workout. Plus, there are tons of reasons to stop and take a breather. The views on this particular morning were amazing. We could see the Pacific out in the distance, the surrounding hills were bright green with great terrain to take in, the plants, shrubs, and trees were awesome. There was even this very cool vine with these spike-y green balls that looked like they meant business.





Not sure what this spiky thing is…






Sandstone Peak is also known as Mount Allen and it is the highest point in the Santa Monica Mountains. The summit sits at 3,111 feet and the trail gains 1,075 feet in elevation over the course of about three miles. To get to the trailhead, drive 6.5 miles from PCH on Yerba Buena Road. It’s on the left past the Circle X Ranger station. You won’t be disappointed. There are plenty of trails in the area that I’m dying to check out now that I’ve found this gem.




4 thoughts on “Sandstone Peak

  1. Hey Susan–I’ve got a question for you. I’ve done the Sandstone hike a few times but I’ve always taken the long way (Mishe Mokwa trail). I’m wanting to take the way you describe. I know there are a couple dirt lots when you drive up Yerba Buena. I’ve always parked in the second dirt lot on the right but it sounds like you parked in the first dirt lot on the left. Is that correct? Then you just follow the fireroad up right? My memory is a bit sketchy and I’m taking a group there on Saturday, just need a little clarification because they aren’t up for the full on 3 hour hike…

    • Hey! I drove up through Malibu along the PCH. I took a right onto Yerba Buena Road which is at the far end of Malibu past Neptune’s Restaurant. From there I drive 6.5 miles to the trailhead which will be on your left. About a mile before you reach the trailhead you’ll pass the Circle X Ranch Ranger Station (on right). The parking area is dirt and there are bathrooms available (there are also supposedly bathrooms at the ranger station). There’s a big sign with a map and information about the area. The fireroad is gated but you’ll be able to walk around that and get started up the trail. Let me know how the hike goes this Saturday! I really hope you and your group love it. Cheers!

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