A Summer Challenge

I’ve decided it’s time to get serious about getting my butt in gear and I mean that quite literally. It seems like ages since I last committed to anything resembling a workout plan and lately my pants have been getting tighter. I blame that last part on eating out more in the last two month than I probably ever have in my life. To combat this and to figure out what to do with something called ” free time”, I’ve decided it’s time to take up a new challenge…or five. On Sunday I started the first three and tested out another which I started yesterday and the fifth one is in progress.

So what are they? The first three are 30-day challenges. I’m fondly referring to them as Arms, Abs, and Ass. All of which are important and could use some help. So, thanks to Pinterest, I found some that seemed completely manageable. I’ll post more about them soon in case anyone would like to join along.

For the fourth challenge, I’m going with an eight week half marathon training plan for beginners. Let’s be honest, it’s been eight years since my last half marathon and while I do walk at least three miles everyday and hike almost every weekend I’ve been seriously lacking in the running department. It’s time to change that. I’ve had “Run a Marathon” on my list for years and it’s time I start working towards that goal. I figure starting with a half and working up to a full is the way to go. Now, I just have to find one that sounds interesting.

My fifth challenge is to actually sit down and write and/or blog more. I’ll have to check in everyday so it’ll help to hold me accountable.  It might be with photos from a hike, recap of my morning run, new recipes I’ve been playing around with, or whatever else crosses my mind. At some point in the next few weeks I’ll bring you up to speed with some of the projects I’ve been working on lately. I’ve been working on a winged headboard, a dining room table with benches, and bedside tables. Plus, I recently scored a couple of great items at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Has anyone else recently decided to take up a summer challenges?


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