Malibu Creek State Park Hike

Over a month ago I went out to Malibu State Park in the afternoon. I’m not one for afternoon hikes by the view from Century Lake made it worth it. This was the first hike I did with out my girls (damn state park rules) and instead just went with a friend. I have to say that after three years they have really integrated themselves in my life and I can’t imagine them not there. They’re such a big part of me and if I could drag them to work I totally would. Until  that happens I will just have to continue to love the fact that I live so close to the office that I can come home for lunch.


Century Lake

Anyway, about Malibu Creek State Park, it cover 7,000 acres and opened in 1976. It was the center of the Chumash Native American life for centuries. The site of one of their villages is called Talepop and has been uncovered in the northeast corner. By the 1860s, a few homesteads existed, including the Sepulveda Adobe, which still stands, and which I didn’t see. I guess I will just have to go back and check it out.

I did take a quick detour over to check out Century Lake and found a small piece of heaven. 7 acres of heaven to be exact thanks to a 50 foot dam being built in 1903. There are some redwoods near the lake. They’re the southern most specimens in California. How cool is that?

It has also been the film site for shows like Planet of the Apes and M.A.S.H. and movies like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and a number of Tarzan movies.

There are supposedly 15 miles of creekside trails that lead through oak and sycamore groves. Unfortunately, since we had a dry winter the creek was dried up. I’m thinking to really get the full impact I’m going to have to go back after we’ve had some rain and creeks fill up and the hills turn green. I’m also going to have to go back and check out Rindge Dam and the residence and estate buildings of King Gillette Ranch.

So how do you get there? Plug in 1925 Las Virgenes Rd, Calabasas, CA 91302 to your GPS or iPhone and away you go.




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