Big Horn Mine

We headed out yesterday in the late morning after a semi-rough night of not feeling well. The worst of it seemed to have passed so with that thought of “it’s not that bad” we headed out with no plans of where we were going other than a stop in Glendale to pick up a hiking-partner-in-crime. From there, we just started driving and talking about possible options. Big Horn Mine was one of the options and it seemed like a totally doable hike as long as we could figure out how in the world to get through the mess of highways on that side of town. There’s the 5, 2, 210, 134, and heaven only knows what else and everything is backwards to me over there. It’s like an entirely different world. We made it out of the maze though and headed up the 2 into the mountains.

Big Horn Mine is an abandoned mine near Wrightwood, CA and the located around 7,000 feet in elevation on the side of Mount Baden-Powell. As this was a spur of the moment hike I’m going to have to point you for the history of the mine. As for the hike itself, it begins in a parking lot with multiple options. There’s Baden-Powel Summit, the Pacific Crest Trail, Lamel Springs, and Mine Gulch. We headed for Mine Gulch and reached the mine after a couple of miles. The sign at the trailhead said that it was 4.5 miles but it lied about that part.

Anyway, there are great views of the surrounding area the entire hike. Baldy, Pine, Wright, and Iron Mountains are all visible but in all honesty I wasn’t prepared to tell them apart at the time. There were a few places where the trail was quite narrow and caused me to silently freak out as I’m kind of scared of heights. Overall though, it was a great hike that was relatively flat and totally worth doing.




















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