Piedra Blanca – Rose Valley Area

We got a late start yesterday but I totally don’t regret it. I plan on making up for it next weekend and again Labor Day weekend. More on that shortly.

Anyway, we headed out to try our luck at the Fish Canyon Narrows but it was way to toasty for that. So, with an unexpected change of plans, we headed west and ended up checking out Wheeler Gorge Nature Trail in Los Padres National Forest and then Piedra Blanca in the Rose Valley area of the Sespe Wilderness. The skies were cloudless and completely blue. We were pretty much the only ones out playing around on the giant sandstone rock formations. I think I might need to take up rock climbing next summer. We also took a few minutes to lay in the sun and decompress after a super busy work week. Talk about a great way to unplug. Even the girls enjoyed taking in the scenery.







There are quite a few places in the area that need exploring like Cedar Creek and the Fishbowls, Sespe Hot Springs, Nordhoff Peak, and Rose Valley Falls to name a few. However, I think we’ll need to come back once we’ve had some rain and things come back to life. It was pretty dry out there.

How to get there: From Ojai, drive 15 miles on Hwy 33 to Sespe Road/Rose Valley Road. Look for the Rose Valley Recreation Area sign. Turn right and dive about 4.5 miles to the parking and staging area. The trailhead begins at the end of the parking lot.



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