Six Summits – Six Weeks

I feel like I’m going through a phase of my life right now that requires a lot of new experiences and challenges. It could be that this year has just flown by and I’m trying to make the most of it before it’s over. It could be that I had other plans that did not go the way I thought they would. So, I’m writing some new ones.

Six Southern California summits in six weeks sounds perfect. I’m thinking I’ll start easy and work my way up and September sounds like a great time to start.

Mt. Wilson – Home to a large array of Los Angeles television and radio towers, as well as the Mt. Wilson Observatory. Summit elevation 5,712′

Cucamonga Peak – The first half of this trail follows Icehouse Canyon which is supposedly beautiful. Summit elevation 8,859′

Mt. San Antonio – Known by many as “Mt. Baldy” this is a SoCal icon. I summited this several years ago. Summit elevation 10,068′

San Bernardino Peak – This little-known trail provides a welcome escape from the crowds. Summit elevation 10,649′

San Jacinto Peak – Ascending the Marion Mountain trail, this route skips the tram for maximum benefit. Summit elevation 10,834′

San Gorgonio – “Old Greyback” is the highest peak in Southern California! A perfect end to six summits I think. Summit elevation 11,503′




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