Goat Cheese Stuffed Burgers with Caramelized Onions



Sometimes all you need is a burger that satisfies your soul in order to right the world. It’s hard to find a burger that’s truly amazing and leaves you practically speechless. If you know me, speechless and food in the same sentence rarely happen. But a few months ago, I had the best burger of my life at a little place called The Triple. It was epic! It left me practically speechless. About all I could say was it was soooo good. It was the best burger of my life. It still is. Well, at least until I recreate it in my kitchen. Until then, I’ll just keep playing around with whatever random things I have tucked away in my fridge. At least that’s how this bit of deliciousness came to be.



Sweet Onions

Goat Cheese

Ground Beef






Olive Oil


Slice up the onions and toss them in a pan with a splash of olive oil and start caramelizing. If you’re like me and need to take your dogs for a walk right in the middle of the cooking, you can. Just turn off the heat, walk the dogs, come back, and start cooking them again…I swear they’re better this way. While you’re onions are cooking you can prep everything else. Tear the lettuce, slice the tomatoes, mush the avocados, etc. Once the onions are done place them in a bowl and then cook your goat cheese stuffed burgers in the same pan. It’s all for the extra flavor left behind by the onions. Trust me it’s worth it. For the burgers, you’ll make two thin patties and top one with as much goat cheese as it can handle. Then place the other patty on top and seal the edges but sort of pinching them together. This is where I like to add a little salt and pepper. Cook until you reach your desired done-ness. Assemble your burger and dig in.




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