Bryce Canyon – Mind the Lightening

A couple weeks ago we went to Zion and Bryce Canyons for the Labor Day weekend and I think I’ve finally recovered. Laundry is done, gear is put away, socks have been found, photos have been gone through, and smushed graham crackers have been used to make a key lime pie. Pretty much the only think left that I can think of is sharing the trip with you guys. It’s been hard to decide how to compile everything into one post. So I’m opting to split it up and not share everything at once or else it would be the longest blog post to date and I can’t have you falling asleep before the end.

To get things started – Let’s visit Bryce Canyon. When we arrive there were some seriously dark and ominous clouds with thunder and lighting so close you could feel the thunder. Thankfully, none of us felt any lightening the entire trip. So we set off to cover the park and here was my first view.

It was pretty impressive and was in awe. However, someone, who shall remain nameless because they seriously did not appreciate Bryce as much as I did, but I think I may have changed his perspective a little, thought they should say that this was pretty much what all of Bryce looked like. I would just like to say now, that he totally lied.



With clouds moving quickly across the sky the views kept changing. Things that were in shadows moments before would then become illuminate by the sun and take your breath away.


Then there was the thunder and lightening I mentioned. It brought an element to the canyon that I knew I would possibly never experience again. The rolling thunder was beyond loud and the canyon helped to amplify the effects. It was like thunder in surround sound. Possibly one of the most amazing audio experiences of mother nature that I’ve experienced. It was epic.



I mean, seriously, how amazing is this? The vast expanse of Southern Utah, the hoodoos, the red of the earth with the green of the trees, the puffy white cottonball clouds…


Oh, and did I mention the forest? Yep. I’m still impressed that trees can survive, okay, thrive, in this type of soil. The last time I questioned trees was when I in the Bristlecone Pine forest. Now, those are incredibly amazing. But I’m getting off topic.

Next, we went further into Bryce for more spectacular views. The photo below is looking back in the direction we had come. I find hoodoos fascinating and now want to wander around them.



Warning, the next couple of photos aren’t great the best but I think it gives some perspective on the cliffs, slopes, and trees growing out of what basically looks like rock, along with the vastness of the place.




In case Bryce couldn’t get any more inspiring, on the way out of the park we saw one of the largest rainbows of my life. It looked like it stretched the entire length of the canyon. I took several quick photos of it but none of them really turned out. Let me just tell you that it was the perfect way to end the day there.

I can’t wait to go back and if you ever have the chance to check it out I highly recommend it. Especially, if there’s a passing thunderstorm then you defiantly have to go. It will give you a whole new perspective on life. Just mind the lightening.




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