Brunch Date

If you and I were taking a few seconds, and really that’s about all the time I had,  this morning to catch up we would have enjoyed a mighty tasty meal even if it did take me approximately seven minutes to make. You see I’ve been going since 6:30 as that’s when Abby, bless her dog heart, decided it was time to go find out what happened in the neighborhood over night. So we set off to wander the streets for about half an hour and watched the sunrise. We’ve caught every sunrise since our trip to Zion a few weeks ago. I think 3:00 am wake ups and hikes by headlamp in order to catch a sunrise had am impact on her.


Now, to catch up in under seven minutes. With summer coming to a close I’m evaluating how things have gone the last few months and considering how I want the next few months to go. I decided to take the summer off and only work one job and explore this thing called free time. It’s a foreign concept to me and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. I’m not sure I like it very much. I have enjoyed watching some movies and catching up on shows that my friends have been taking about. I’ve also loved getting out and walking and hiking more. The girls have loved this too along with trips to the dog park and hiding their Kong’s under my pillows while I’m at work.

There were a few projects I wanted to tackle before the end of summer and I’m just now finishing them up. There’s one that I haven’t started and would like to get done before October sets in. It’s painting my bathroom the only room left to do. I tacked in the last nailhead to my headboard this morning so I can now say that it is finally finished. Yay! I’ve also been struggling with a dining room table for a few months and am finally making progress. I totally changed things up and it’s coming together nicely. It’s currently drying and might need a little more sanding, another coat of vinegar in order to get the desired color, and then a nice little sealer.

Other projects on my list are recovering some couch pillows. I already have the fabric and just need to sit down and do it. Granted as I had been struggling with my previous dining table this project took a back burner. I might be ready to get started on it later this week. Yay! I have started sanding my bedside tables and will hopefully be staining those in a day or two. They are going to take me several days and until those are done I won’t be starting on finished my dresser. The dresser has been stripped and needs a nice coat of paint and a maybe a dark stain for the top. I just need to find the right milk paint color that makes my heart sing. There are also curtains to be made or found, a chair for the bedroom, photos and prints to be edited or enlarged, printed, and framed as my walls are lacking far too much for my taste. I’d also like to whip up a couple of washable friendly rugs for inside the front door and the bathroom. In case that wasn’t enough, there were these aprons at BLD that I think I might need to recreate as gifts and I’ve been on the lookout for old lamps that I can rework for the bedside tables.

The list never ends. I could keep going but I think it’s time for a quick recipe before getting back to it.


Whole Wheat English Muffins


1/2 Onion, sliced

Gouda Cheese, sliced,






Over medium high heat saute up the onions in butter and them set them aside. Next, cook up the eggs to your desired doneness. Personally, I prefer over easy and I love the whole runny egg part. Then I buttered the English Muffins and tossed them in for a quick toasting. For assembly, I placed the egg on the English Muffin, topped it with the sauted onions and then added a slice or two of Gouda. I stuck it under the broiler until melted and topped it with fresh thyme, salt and pepper. I used the same non-stick pan for everything. Talk about easier clean up.




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