Zion: Part 1

After loading the truck with the girls, camping gear, and enough food to last for two weeks (we were only going for three days) we were off to Zion and Bryce Canyons. I sort of knew what to expect but I was ready to be awed by Mother Nature and what she had in store for us. We had been watching the weather for a couple of weeks leading up to this trip. It fluctuated between close to 100 degrees to the low-mid 80’s, sometimes with rain other times without rain, and then there were the thunder and lightening patches. Talk about stressful. I wasn’t sure what sort of weather we would have. So, I packed for everything, everything except snow. I figured if the low was only going to be in the 70’s I didn’t need to pack my fleece pants, down jacket, and two sets of gloves. I did think about it though.

So, let’s get started! First up, we took a night little early, as in 3:00 am, morning hike to take in a Zion sunset.



I just loved the layers of rocks. This is how I would imagine Mars if only it had some rain and a few trees, chipmonks, and lizards.


Good morning world!



One of the things that surprised me the most about this trip was the abundance of wildflowers. I was expecting lots of red rock and sand but instead was greeted with more flowers than one would expect in a desert. They were along the roadside and along all of the trails we hiked. They were everywhere.


I’m sorry, but photos just don’t do Zion justice. There’s something about the place that cannot be captured on film. It’s immense!


I think the girls enjoyed themselves. I mean look at that happy Lexi face!




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