Zion: Kolob

In the afternoon, we left the main canyon of Zion and took a drive up to the northwestern portion of the park, known as Kolob. The colors of the rocks were intense. They were such a deep iron red I thought I should check to make sure I hadn’t picked up the wrong sunglasses. The lushness of the shrubs and trees seemed much more intense too. The contrast between the red and the green was stunning but not in a holy-hell-the-entire-place-looks-like-a-scene-from-some-terrible-early-80’s-holiday-special kind of way. Everything was saturated in color and it was wonderful. Truly wonderful.





The storm clouds that had been ever present and stalking started to break apart and the blue sky the peaked out. It was spectacular. You don’t get this sort of blue in LA.



We hiked out along a fairly short trail which awarded us with views that took your breath away. Who knew such beauty existed? And in Utah? Just goes to show you should never judge a book by it’s cover. Below is a shot looking south towards the main part of the park and somewhere waaaayyyyy off in the distance should be the Grand Canyon. It’s places like this that make me feel incredibly blessed.





We stayed and watched the sunset, which unfortunately wasn’t as spectacular as we had hoped, before heading back to the truck to start making our way back to camp. This part of Zion was stunning and I wished that we had spent more time exploring and possibly backpacking in to stay a night or two. There were few people there and it was blessedly quiet. Abby was able to sit and practice her Buddha-like meditation while taking in the views. I got the impression that she more than enjoyed herself. Lexi, on the other hand, was able to stalk some lizards and obsess about not being able to catch them, or the cottontail. They are so incredibly different it amazes me.

Stay tuned, I have another Zion post coming in the next day or two.




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