Tioga Pass

Until this Fall I had yet to drive through or over Tiago Pass because every time that I have been “in the neighborhood” the pass has been closed due to snow. Even on this trip it snowed. I was afraid that the Tiago Pass gates would get closed and we’d manage to get stuck. Thankfully, that didn’t happen and we were able stop and enjoy the chilly, I by chilly mean freezing, autumn weather. It was truly beautiful.

One of our first stops was a small lake called Lukens Lake. This might have been one of my favorite quick stops on our trip. The foliage was starting to change and there were a breaks in the storm clouds that day which left the sky intensely blue. Plus, even though this lake was right along the road it felt a thousand miles away. We had the place practically to ourselves and only a handful of cars were on the road. I’m guessing that most people either got the memo about the park being “closed” or they too were thinking that it might be too late in the year to make the trip.






Even Lexi enjoyed it. Mind you, I think she enjoys just about everything, even icy edges of lakes. She also rarely sits still long enough to get a photo.

One of our next stops was Tenaya Lake. It reminded me slightly of Tahoe with some of the rocks along its banks. Granted, the rocks around Tahoe are waaaayyyyy bigger, but the idea was there. The views were spectacular. 180 degrees, or so, of beautiful clear blue awesomeness stretching out before us. And boy was it cold. So, there were no crazy thoughts of skinny dipping in my immediate future. The girls and I did however find a relatively flat rock to lay on that was in the sun. Oh, thank heaven for the sun!




I can’t wait to go back! I’m thinking that I’ll have to go early next summer after the snow has melted and the park has come back alive. I really want to see the waterfalls thundering down the granite cliffs. If there’s one regret, it’s that I didn’t get out there and explore more, but that’t the thing with weather that goes from raining to sunny to snowing all in half a day. You just never really know what the high Sierras will hand you. I haven’t see Cathedral Lakes or May Lake, I haven’t stood atop Lembert Dome or Glacier Point, I still need to cover the John Muir Trail and the trail leading to North Dome, there’s just so much too do! I’m dying to log some serious miles in Yosemite!




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