Roadtrip: Big Sur

It was about a year ago that I loaded the dogs into the car and took off up the coast to Big Sur for a three day weekend. It was one of those places that I had driven through in but never explored. Yet, every drive through made my soul yearn to take some time and explore. And dear God am I glad I finally did. It was amazing!

I recently drove through Big Sur after coming back from Napa and it pulled on my heart strings. So much so, that I had to pull up my photos from the trip for a walk down memory lane.


We arrived in Big Sur early in the afternoon and there was a nice coastal layer hanging over the place. It brought a sense of calm and peace to the place and slowed down the outside world along with my internal world. The three days I spent there would go on to remind me to take the time in my life to slow down and smell the roses. Or at least take pictures of all the beautiful California poppies. Man alive, I think they’re starting to become my favorite flower of all time. Maybe I’m starting to fall in love with orange again…


We stopped along side Hwy 1 several times to just look out over the coastline. I mean honestly, how could you not stop? Also, it’s not just the coastline that will take your breath away. It’s everything. The mustard growing rampant along the roadsides, the abandoned buildings (I have a small obsession with abandoned places), the trees that tower over you making you feel like you are but a spec in their lifeline, the fog that rolls in over the hills and creeps through the ferns…everything. BigSurCheersSusan3




That first day ended with a sunset that will forever be etched in my memory. It was one of those in which time slows to a snails pace and all the problems you thought you had just melt away. The sun broke through the clouds and hit the Pfeiffer Burns State Park waterfall. Almost like a Sunset magazine. To say it was pretty, or even beautiful, would be an understatement. It was an evening I will never forget. Just me, the girls, and the California coast. BigSurCheersSusan7



The following day we were up early and off to find a deserted beach. We pulled into an empty parking lot and jumped out of the car and headed over, across a grassy bluff, to find this gem. Jade Cove if memory serves. But, honestly, don’t trust my memory when it comes to names. I suck at remembering names and movie titles. Also, bands. What can I say, I’m just not gifted in that area. 😉 BigSurCheersSusan11


After our morning run along the beach the cloud layer lifted and we spent the rest of the day enjoying clear blue skies, a deep blue ocean, and hikes through dense forests. I could not have chosen a better weekend in Big Sur if I had tried. I mean, seriously…




On our final day, before we headed home, we drove along the Old Coast Road (starting near Bixby Bridge and ending near the heart of Big Sur) and I spent the entire drive saying “Oh my god!” over and over again. It was probably the best part of the trip. I wish I has taken more photos but at the time I was too amazed by what was around me to even think I should have the camera out.


The Old Coast Road goes though El Sur Ranch. It is, by far, the most stunning ranch I have ever seen. Every turn, every hill, every valley left me speechless. Even today, I am still speechless. All I can say is that if you ever get the chance to visit Big Sur, take the time to drive the Old Coast Road. I could spend the rest of my days on this ranch. It’s breathtaking!



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