Road Trip: Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree - Cheers Susan

Joshua Tree – Cheers Susan

After the road trip to Death Valley I had a feeling that it might be time to go to Joshua Tree. That there were place let to be explored. Some hidden gems that I had yet to see. The last time I had been was many years ago and it was mostly a drive through the park. This time it needed more exploring. Plus, some quiet time is always much appreciated especially when work is out of control and you on the border of entering the zone of panic attacks and migraines. Both of which need to be avoided at all costs. So, Joshua Tree was going to be a quiet weekend. One filled with a few hikes and a quiet camping spot where I could roast marshmallows and eat s’more to my little hearts content. What we found was way more exciting!

At the break of dawn on a Saturday morning we loaded into the car and headed East towards Joshua Tree. We watched the sun rise and chatted about our lives. Nothing crazy just what we’ve been up to and the stresses we faced. Outside of Joshua Tree we stopped for camping supplies. Very important supplies like tortilla soup and s’mores fixings. Oh, and some firewood and drinks. Then, we were off, entering the park and looking for the next adventure. One cannot go to Joshua Tree without stopping to climb over the rocks and take selfies with their dog right?

Lexi & Me in Joshua Tree - Cheers Susan

Lexi & Me in Joshua Tree – Cheers Susan

Lexi Lou!!! - Cheers Susan

Lexi Lou!!! – Cheers Susan

We drove, we wandered, we tried to hike except we found a big ol’ no dogs allowed sign. I understand why parks do this but it’s still very annoying. Especially when you have a well behaved dog that you would be keeping on a leash and picking up after and yet, you are banned from taking a walk. Granted, there are a lot of dogs and pet owners out there who are less than responsible and have ruined it for many of us. It’s sad.

Instead we set off to check out everything else the desert had to offer. Cactus’s and clouds!

Clouds Over Joshua Tree - Cheers Susan

Clouds Over Joshua Tree – Cheers Susan

Unknown desert cactus...I really should take along some sort of flora identification guide one of these days - Cheers Susan

Unknown desert cactus…I really should take along some sort of flora identification guide one of these days – Cheers Susan

We decided to head off into the desert in search of an abandoned mine to explore. Oh how I love a good abandoned place. We searched and searched and I about had a mild heart attack from all of the off road driving. You see, I was not driving, and thus this caused me to have heart palpitations and think my butt might never recover from the sever bumpiness of the drivers driving. Remind me to wear a helmet next time dirt roads are involved. Haha

Anyway, after driving around for what seemed like forever. We decided to call it quits and set up camp while there was still a little bit of daylight. We found a place out in the middle of no where and also found out that I managed to forget to pack my sleeping bag. This will be the first and only time I ever let that happen. But that’s okay because I have Lexi and Lexi is super warm and cuddly.

The sun started setting and we took off to the top of the ridge we were camping below. Drinks in hand mind you. Because walking around the desert at night with a cold hard cider in your hand, a dog leash in your other hand, a flashlight, and a camera around your neck is what all the cool kids do these days. At least that’s what I hear.

Sunset in Joshua Tree - Cheers Susan

Sunset in Joshua Tree – Cheers Susan

Joshua Tree Sunset - Cheers Susan

Joshua Tree Sunset – Cheers Susan

It was utterly perfect. Not a soul around and a sunset that felt like it stretched on for hours. We talked. We drank. We took pretty pictures. Some of us thought we say a coyote. Others of us thought the other party might need to slow down on the drinking or get their eyes checked. Haha. When the sun finally left us we turned on the flashlight and headed back to camp where we sat around the fire and talked for hours about nothing in particular and everything imaginable. It was the perfect escape from the city that I was looking for even if we didn’t find the abandoned mine that day. The following day, we would find an abandoned town. Which, personally, I think was way cooler!!!




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