Listening… Hunny Girl by Pepper – this just makes me want to dance! Plus, it’s a great song to end the summer with.

Reading… Six Amazing Female Athletes in America – If this doesn’t inspire you I don’t know what will!

No More Excuses: Five Awe-Inspiring Marathoners – Let’s just say, I’m impressed…and feeling a bit like a wuss.

Watching… Metropolis – 1927 film about a sharply divided working class population and the city planners. The son of the cities mastermind falls in love with one of the working class. It’s beautifully shot and the choreography is amazing.

A Walk In The Woods – This film is still in theaters and it’s hilarious. Mind you, I read the book last year and laughed so hard that I cried. It’s about a guy, Bill Bryson, who decides that after spending the last twenty years in England that the best way to reconnect with America is to hike the Appalachian Trail (AT).

Eating… all of the avocados in all of the land. Oh, and heirloom tomatoes. Right now, I could eat them all day every day until the season comes to a close here in SoCal. Did you know:

  • Avocados are also called alligator pears
  • California produces 80% of the US Avocado crop
  • Contain three more potassium than bananas

Drinking… Reverend Nat’s Tapache – Okay, so let’s just say, this stuff is amazing. I might have to move to Portland just so that I can pop into this place on the weekends for a little taste testing. They have some truly delicious concoctions, like their Tapache. I’m in love.

Crafting… Right know there are a couple of frames out on the balcony drying. I found these on the side of the road as Lexi and I were out for our morning wander. While they were not exactly pretty, they did hold some promise. So, after scrolling Pinterest for a few months, inspiration finally hit. I vaselined them up yesterday and applied the first coal of black spray paint. This morning I did a little touch up and, after drying some more, I set about doing some distressing. They’re looking great! Now, to let them dry and work up some art. So exciting!

Loving… There are a few moments here and there, like before the sun is up, or around 10pm, that there might just be the faintest of faint hints that Fall might arrive, but only might. So, until then I will be researching places for adventures. I love research!

Best Fall Camping in the West

11 Haunted Hikes in the US

Count Me In T-Shirt

Osprey Aura AG 65 Pack – drool, plus, I’m in need of a new pack for the next series of adventures. I’ve sort of destroyed mine after toting them around the country for the last decade or more.

Craving… This is always sooo hard. It’s a toss up between Blackberry Lavender Chevre Ice Cream (thanks Kaci!), Apple Butter Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, and BBQ Margarita Chicken Tostadas with Sweet Jalapeno Salsa.

Learning… “What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compares to what lies within us. And when you bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.” Henry David Thoreau

Lusting… I think a brown leather tote is jut what is in order for this Fall. Currently, these two are my favorites:

The Whipping Post


Running… Um, it’s sad to say but I haven’t run since the end of May. I took the week off before Whitney in order to make sure my legs were ready for the climb. When I got back to LALA after Whitney the weather got super hot and humid and I melted into a pool of Netflix binge watching and laying on the floor. Maybe those awe-inspiring marathoners will push me out the door…

Wanderlusting… Spent a weekend up in Portland and it was AMAZING! I’ll be telling you guys all about it.

Fill me in guys – What have you been up to?




3 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. Just watched a movie you might enjoy…it’s a obscure film by Orson Welles called The Trial….From the Franz Kafka book The Trial. Welles considered it one of his best works though it wasn’t well received. I found it hard to stop watching it, maybe because it was so out there. Enjoy.

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