Ah, Sunday

Sunday Mornings - Cheers Susan

Sunday Mornings – Cheers Susan

Ah, Sundays. There’s something really quite special about them and today is no different. Actually, it’s possibly even a better Sunday than most. It started out innocently enough with Lexi up and 6:30 and then our wander around the neighborhood streets. I might have mentioned this before but, I love quiet weekend mornings. Especially the ones where all the small annoying little yappy dogs are still in their respective homes and it’s just little ol’ Lexi, me, and the birds.

The birds have really picked up in the last couple of months. A new bird family or two have moved in to the trees near my place and in the early morning they wake up and get to chatting. Lately, it’s progressed more to a fever pitch of chatter and squawking but I enjoy it none the less. It’s better then listening to the neighbors car that really needs a new belt because the squealing is just getting out of control. I have a feeling that sucker is going to do some serious damage before she just takes it in and gets it fixed.

So, yes, I’ll take the chattering of the birds and the relative quiet in those early morning hours to gather the necessary fortitude to get through the upcoming day. This morning though I didn’t feel the need to gather my resolve to face the day. It was foggy on our walk and only 70. Which given the recent heat wave is a welcome respite. So, we came home, and I decided it was time to find the local Stumptown and get my hands on some beans.

We set off to DTLA through the foggy streets and arrived on the outskirts of arts district. I don’t know what it is about the smell of coffee but I have always loved the smell. I remember, as a child, thinking that I should try it. So, I asked my mom to try her’s and I was surprised to find that it was not at all what I expected. But, several years later I persevered and became a fan.

The love affair started to creep in when I was in college but it didn’t really develop into the obsession that it is now, until I was out of college. There was a place in the South Bay that really started it all. Since then, I’ve branched out and have found that the best coffee can usually be found in the small places. And sometimes, it’s not even the coffee that out of this world, it’s the people, the places, the experience. The act of holding a cup of something hot and engaging with those around you or simply staring out the window and watching the world come alive can really have an impact.

Stumptown Coffee - Cheers Susan

Stumptown Coffee – Cheers Susan

With coffee beans, and a new mug, in hand we headed back to the car. I asked my friend what they wanted for breakfast and after getting on the road we decided on breakfast tacos or breakfast burritos. Since, the weather was still cool, we drove on over to a place called Delta Tacos on Sunset and ended up with a big ol’ plate of Chilaquiles. Thank god, we didn’t order two, I’m not sure we could have eaten that much. And, even though Lexi will eat just about anything, I’m thinking these would have been too spicy for her. Oh, and speaking of Lexi, they have outdoor seating so she was able to join us for breakfast. She’s like the best dining companion ever. Better than most children of the human variety. 😉

Chilaquiles from Delta Tacos - Cheers Susan

Chilaquiles from Delta Tacos – Cheers Susan

We got home before it starting getting hot and as I made a cup of the deliciously amazingly luscious brew we finished watch the movie Tracks. It’s about a young woman, Robyn Davidson, in 1977 and her 1,700 mile trek across the Australia outback with four camels and her black lab. While not the best movie I’ve seen this year, it has inspired me to look into her writings and the National Geographic article that covered her journey.

Many times, it’s the simple pleasures – coffee, conversation, and contriving, that can turn an ordinary day into one that might just be remembered as the turning point.

What is everyone enjoying this fine Sunday? What plots are being hatched? What plans are being made? What coffee is being sipped? What stories are being shared? Who’s planning on a 3pm nap? Oh, wait, is that just me?

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!




One thought on “Ah, Sunday

  1. that sounds almost as good as my Sunday: early morning wanderings with a pretty girl, followed by a study date and ruminations on my plans for next weekend (which may or may not include octopus and tamarillos)

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