Getting Grounded & Baby Steps

Snowy Sequoia Drive - Cheers Susan

Snowy Sequoia Drive – Cheers Susan

What’s up with the fact that it’s Monday already? I’m not ready for this! Like, not at all! I’m still rocking the crazy went-to-bed-with-wet-hair look this morning. Even poor little Lexi had a hard time getting up. I was up before she was and even when she decided to join the living that only lasted three minutes before she went back and got in her bed. Apparently, Monday isn’t agreeing with her either.

I’m blaming this weekend for our tiredness. There were lots of snowballs fights, running around in the snow, camping, campfires, snow filled wrestling matches, and junk food. Lexi loves, loves, loves the snow and I have to say, I love a weekend in the snow too! Okay, maybe not so much that I would live in it for half the year but enough to relish the quiet that comes with snowfall and the peacefulness of a forest when it’s snowing.

We escaped LA because I wanted to be around big trees and nature and snow and quiet. I wanted to go inside and do a little soul searching and reflecting. I’ve now lived in LA for the past three years and I think I’m done with it. No longer do I feel like I belong or that it’s my home. Instead, I’m feeling like its time to move on. To find a new place to call home and a whole bunch of new adventures. Some of the places that are currently heading up the list are Portland, the greater Bay Area, Ventura, and Napa, Sonoma, and Marin Counties.

It’s time for a change and this weekend I wanted to take some time get grounded. For me, the mountains and trees have always brought me back to who I am. They’ve provided me a base from which to feel grounded and from which to leap. On Sunday, while sitting at the Lodge in Sequoia, I was fortunate enough to take some time and work on something that I know, with time, will get me to where I want to go and will lead to all new ventures and opportunities that better suit the person I’ve become over the last three years. Now, to save enough of myself everyday in order to invest in my next big life change.

Who else is undertaking a big life change or have big plans in the works? Who’s prepping for ending 2015 better than it started?

Baby steps!




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