Family & Friendships

WA Road Trip Bellingham - Grandma Ducky, Moire, & Pat color

Grandma Ducky, Mo, & Pat – Cheers Susan

A few months ago I headed up to the far north eastern corner of California to Modoc County. What’s in Modoc County you ask? Well, half of my family. Mo, Jeff, Grandma Ducky, even Jim is moving from Bullhead City, AZ to live up there. Mo even tried to tell me I needed to move up there. Hahaha! Thankfully, Jeff is more practical and agreed that the job prospects in Modoc County are slim to none unless your a cattle rancher or something along those lines. While I do love cows I’m not so sure I’m cut out for life in such a remote place. But that’s why road trips where invented, right? Nothing like spending a week in the car with your family. Thankfully we all love it each other and get along great. Even though I think Grandma was thankful to get rid of Mo and I and our nonstop chatter and laughter after a week. Hahaha!

WA Road Trip Bellingham - Grandma Ducky & Pat BW

Grandma Ducky & Pat – Cheers Susan

Aren’t these two just the cutest? They have been best friends for 60-ish years. They both worked in the health care industry. My grandma was a hospital administrator for rural hospitals in California and Pat worked at UCLA in medical records. Mo works as a nursing supervisor in Sacramento and I’m the rebel – I didn’t follow in their medical footsteps. I did however follow in their footsteps of life long friendships. My best friend, Casey, and I have been friends for almost 30 years!

WA Road Trip Bellingham - Grandma Ducky_

Every summer there’s a family road trip through the Pacific Northwest. In high school we used to pile into the Subie (Subaru’s do run in the family though) and take a week to explore the Washington, Oregon, and Northern California Coasts and surrounding areas. This past summer we went up to Bellingham, where Pat lives, to visit. It’s so incredibly beautiful up there. Especially in the summer.

We visited, played cribbage, ate some good food, had some great coffee, and Mo & I went hiking after which I promotly deleted all of the photos of the hike. It was a total accident as I was, and still, am trying to figure out the Canon 30D. There are so many buttons and functions! But after deleting a few hundred pics I had to make up for the loss. So, while Mo and Grandma played cribbage I took a few pics. I managed to capture this:

WA Road Trip - Grandma Ducky BW

She had just managed to get a 24 in the crib. Talk about exciting!!!

WA Road Trip Bellingham - Grandma Ducky & Pat 1

While I was disappointed at loosing my hiking photos with Mo I’m extremely thankful that I didn’t “format” these off the camera. Friendships that span decades are more than just friendships, they’re family. They bolster us in dark times and bring us joy and laughter year after year. They shape us into the people we are and who we will become. Friendships and family are essential and with all the bad news that we hear every time the TV or radio is switched on, it is only with love that we stand a chance against hate.

So, please, pick up the phone, take a trip home, visit your family and friends, make new friends. Hell, make a new family! Reach out this holiday season and into the New Year and connect or reconnect. Share the love! We need a whole lot of love!









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