Sequoia Sunset

Sequoia Sunset 2 - Cheers Susan

Sunset in Sequoia – Cheers Susan

When autumn rolls around I always get bit by the wanderlust bug. I can’t help it. When the temps start to drop and the leave start to change I find myself wanted to get out more than ever before. So on a hot autumn day here in LA I decided I had to get out of town. Get into the mountains. Maybe even see a little bit of snow if we were lucky.

Sequoia Sunset 1 - Cheers Susan

Sunset in Sequoia – Cheers Susan

We made it to Sequoia National Park before the end of the season and set up camp among the tall tall pines and surrounded by a good six inches of snow. Snowball flights commenced and Lexi reverted back to her younger days. She loves snow and I mean LOVES! As I adopted her when she was about three I don’t know much about her puppy years. But my guess, she spent her youth in the snow. Maybe in Truckee or somewhere around there playing in the snow.

Sequoia Sunset 3 - Cheers Susan

After setting up camp we headed out to explore the area and check out the really big trees. The day was cool and crisp and there was a little snow over everything. We saw everything from the ravages of forest fires and the visitors center. We were heading back to camp as the sun was going down over the central valley and had to pull off the road. It was breathtaking. So incredibly vibrant and fierce. Talk about #chasingepic, except of course we didn’t really chase this one, it just presented itself and stole our breath away. Leaving us inspired and refreshed. The next day was bound to be amazing!

Sequoia Sunset 4 - Cheers Susan



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