Union Station

Thru the Railing at Union Station | CheersSusan.com

There are still so many places that I haven’t been to and thatI’ve wanted to go. I have lists of museums, coffee houses and restaurants, new and historical places, taco stands and trucks, the list never seems to get any shorter. It seems that no sooner do I cross something off I find something else that sounds awesome. I guess that’s the curse of the curious.

A few weeks ago, a friend and I did some wandering around of DTLA and one of the places I had always wanted to wander around in was Union Station. I’ve also always wanted to buy a random ticket somewhere and hop on. Let someone else do the driving while I sit back and watch the countryside slip by. Does anyone know if Amtrak allows dogs?

Union Station 1 | CheersSusan.com

It was fairly early in the morning for most people. It wasn’t yet 9am and the place was fairly busy but not so busy that we couldn’t take a few photos of the morning light pouring in through the windows, reflecting off the floors, and illuminating the place with a glow that can almost stop time. There’s this thing about California that I have never found in New York, Austin, Paris, Munich, Seattle… It’s the light. Early in the morning or late in the afternoon the light can transform everything. It softens the hard edges, brings out nuances that you never knew existed, and baths everything in this glow that is almost other worldly.

Union Station Dining | CheersSusan.com

I’ve spent year trying to find it in other places. Sneaking out in the early morning hours to wander the streets of Vienna, Frankfurt, or Chicago, in hopes of catching it and it has always eluded me, except for here in California. Maybe that’s why our real estate is so expensive.

Union Station Stairs | CheersSusan.com

As we wandered around the place we wandered into a deserted restaurant area. It felt like stepping into a set from LA Confidential or Chinatown. You kind of expected people to walk in in exceptional dresses and tailored suites with hats and gloves and cigarettes. The place though, was empty, except for us. Talk about feeling like a bit of a trespasser.

Parrots at Union Station | CheersSusan.comBrick Love at Union Station | CheersSusan.com

Union Station Copper Sink | CheersSusan.com

The Railing at Union Station | CheersSusan.com

Sometimes adventure awaits you in your own backyard. Where in LA should I explore next? And what sort of adventures lie in your backyards?




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