The Back Eight

WA Road Trip Eagleville 2

At some point I’d like to get my hands on a piece of land. Nothing too terribly large but large enough so that I can have a big ol’ garden with tons of tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapenos (hello – salsa!), butternut squash, pumpkins, one zucchini (because even with one zucchini your neighbors start to get tired of you trying to pawn all of your excess on to them – I swear zucchini and yellow crookneck squash could end world hunger, at least during the months of July and August), basil, garlic, green beans, and more. I’d also like an orchard because you know, there are such amazing things as Arkansas Black Apples, white peaches, apricots, figs, mandarins, etc.

Besides the massive amounts of produce I think it would be fun to have a horse, a couple of sheep, some chickens, turkeys and ducks, and maybe cow or two. I mean, how could you say no to these cuties?

WA Road Trip Eagleville 1

When I was up in Eagleville awhile ago I wandered out into the back eight, or so, acres to visit with the herd that’s visiting. And it’s not just cows and and their babies. There’s also a couple of llamas. Everyone was a little weary of me as I kept crouching down and pointing a black thing at them. They instinctively thought I was up to no good. Thankfully though, most of them stood around watching me and not getting close enough to lick the camera lens. Cows are the worst lickers. It’s like being licked with heavy duty sandpaper. I don’t recommend it.

WA Road Trip Eagleville 3

But until I find that little piece of acreage for my own mini farm, I’ll just have to go to visit other peoples farms to play with their barnyard critters. Who wants me to come visit? I’ll help muck!




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