Happy 2016!!!


Happy 2016 Everyone!!! I hope everyone had a terrific holiday season and a wonderfully long New Years weekend! Talk about the perfect way to start off the new year! I don’t know about you but I got so much done this weekend its crazy. There’s still a lot more to do but isn’t there always.

What’s everyone’s resolutions? Do you even make resolutions? I’m a total resolution maker. Hey, it’s an excuse to make a list and I love lists. Haha! Actually, this year though, I’m narrowing down the focus a bit since I’ve been feeling like I’m all over the place lately. There are several things I’m keeping on the list though. Adventures being one of them. Food being another. This year though I’m mixing things up a bit though.

I’ve decided to change up the adventures a bit. Back in 2014 I ran the LA Marathon and it was awesome. Since then I’ve been hiking and hiking some more. Last year I covered a whole lot of ground and this year will be no different except that I’m going to combine running and hiking in the form of an ultra marathon, or two, or three. Well just have to play that by ear. Training has started and I’ll be keeping you guys posted as to how things are coming along. Looks like my first ultra will be a 50k in mid-April. Still trying to decide which one I want to tackle. Then we’ll press on for a 50 miler and maybe even a 100 miler by years end. The tough thing about a 100 miler is that there doesn’t appear to be many around Christmas. I might just have to get crazy and just go out there and run an unsanctioned course of my own devising…but only if I’m desperate and nothing else comes up.

I’d also like to try and get out there this summer and hike the John Muir Trail that runs between Mount Whitney and Yosemite. The Rim to Rim hike in the Grand Canyon also sounds like fun so that’s on the list too if there’s enough time and I don’t injure myself.

With that being said, I’ll be running a lot this year and will be on the hunt for great places to run everywhere. The plan is to literally chase epic!

Now, as for food, I learned a lot this year from eliminating things from my diet and reintroducing them. It seems I have a sensitivity to gluten. So this year I’ll be focusing on experimenting with gluten free foods and alternatives. Also, focusing on whole foods as much as I can. There will be times when they are not an option (banana’s just don’t hold up very well in your pack after running 12 miles). There will be a lot of experimenting going on and I’m also going to try and make more things from scratch. While I won’t be grinding my own gluten free flour soon I will be making vanilla extract, kefir, limoncello, grinding my own meats, and maybe even hard cider. There’s just so much I haven’t made or tried! Oh how I love food! The possibilities are endless.

The one really major new thing I’m undertaking this an entrepreneurial business course. It’s kind of like grad school but without the price tag. So I’ll be doing a lot of reading, no surprise there, and studying. I’ve decided it’s time for Cheers Susan to grow up a bit. Also, I have several other business ideas that I’d like to get off the ground. This is all part of the Freedom Race I wrote about last year.

I’ll be sharing more here on the blog and I hope that I can help to inspire people to chase their own epic. Maybe it’s learning how to cook or learning how to not be afraid of the camera with all the buttons. Trust me all those buttons skill have me a bit scared but this year I’m planning n getting a handle on them. Maybe it’s canceling the cable and going out for a walk, a hike, or a run. Maybe it’s exploring places you never been or exploring your own town. There are a lot of amazing things out there and I hope you’ll join me on my journey as I continue #chasingepic and I hope to inspire you to get out there and chase your own!

Let’s go chase epic!!!



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