Carrot, Ginger, & Orange Juice

Carrot, Ginger, & Orange Juice 1 |

The citrus situation at my house is out of control! I feel like half of my kitchen is covered in freshly picked, super ripe, oranges. There’s a huge mound of lemons that are in need of attention. This week I’m diving in and tackling the scurvy fighting fruit.

Carrot, Ginger, & Orange Juice 3 |

This morning started with a whole bunch of Carrot, Ginger, and Orange Juice. Seriously, this stuff is amazing! And, of course, I would say that… I live in LA after all and it’s almost a requirement that we juice. Luckily, there’s the added benefit of all that vitamin c and the knowledge that you’re helping your body to fight off any possible attacks from those around you with the sniffles. Damn cooties!

Anyway, thanks to my trusty juicer (Breville’s Juice Fountain Compact – it’s not like I have all the space in the word and this fits so well on my kitchen counter under my upper cupboards) I’m always able to whip up something delicious. There are perks to being a fruit and veg addict! Anyway, this morning I set about peeling a few oranges and whipping up a batch. Honestly, if you’ve never had fresh juice you are totally missing out. It will change your life! Like, seriously, change your life. All that store bought stuff will just pale in comparison and, if you’re like me, you develop an addiction. There was worse things to be addicted to than fresh juice.


Couple of carrots

1″ fresh ginger

3-4 oranges

Carrot, Ginger, & Orange Juice 5 |


Peel the oranges (this is the hardest part). Place in juicer with the carrots and ginger. Flip the switch and in like 5 seconds you’re done. Seriously, so easy!!!

You’ll then have to clean your juicer but I swear the Breville I have is a snap to clean.

Carrot, Ginger, & Orange Juice 4 |

Who else loves to juice? Do you have a favorite juicer? What about a favorite juice? Do we have any staunch smoothie makers out there that just don’t juice?



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