A Little Monday Motivation


Some Mondays are just easier than others. Today was not so easy. Yet, the things that I would “complain” about are things that many would be grateful for. I could complain about banging up my knee pretty good over the weekend. I could tell you that it’s changing some pretty awesome colors. But the fact that I have a life that allows me to pop up to the mountains on a Saturday and go snowshoeing is pretty damn amazing. So, my banged up knee. I tripped over my own two feet and so while I’ll have a bruise for the next few days, it’s still pretty damn awesome and I am pretty damn lucky.

Many times we get so caught up in our own lives and fail to see past our own petty problems to the bigger picture surrounding us. We sit at home in front of our computers, tablets, and TV’s witnessing injustices yet fail to act. We perpetuate negativity, hatred, and violence. We turn a blind eye to the domestic abuse in our own neighborhoods and even our own homes. We blame others for our shortcomings and fail to be accountable in our own lives. We become spectators instead of participants of positive change.

So, on Mondays, I’ll be checking in with a few words of motivation, wisdom, or inspiration. Sometimes it’ll be about setting goals, or running, or food, or a myriad of other things. I hope they lift your spirits and provide you with the motivation and  inspiration to go out there and be the change. Whether it’s putting in your own garden, doing volunteer work for a non-profit, running to raise money for kids with cancer, cooking up a casserole for your elderly neighbor, starting a business that does some social good in this ol’ world, or anything else that lights your fire. So, instead of being the dedicated minority that Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about, let us become the dedicated majority. Let us go forward, in our own ways, and repair what is broken and make our neighborhood, town, city, state, country, and world a better place. A place we were we are safe and proud to call our own.



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