Coffee Date

Who else is excited it’s Saturday? Its drizzling here in my neighborhood but it might clear up a little this afternoon. If it does I might pop out to the Hollyhock House. If it doesn’t then I’ll continue to tackle one of my January resolutions that has sort of become a much bigger project then I thought it would. Thank god for coffee and yoga pants!!!

This month I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and let’s just say it has morphed into a multi weekend clean, purge, organize project. Don’t get me wrong I’m loving it. Well, I was until I got to “paper” and I realized I’m a total recipe hoarder last weekend. I did however get through all of my books and totally cut the down.

The amazing thing though is that I’m making some really great progress. It’s helping to clarify what I want in my life and the things that need new homes. So far I’ve tackled the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom and also managed to wash all of the big things like blankets, duvets, and the like. I’ve purged my closet and dresser and am making a list of the essentials that need replacing along with the direction I want to take my closet and personal style going forward. The plan is to make shopping so much easier and getting ready for work, cooking, road trips, camping, and all other adventures totally easy.

Besides finishing up “paper” which will take several more days I only have a few more areas to tackle and a few things to move around. There are still projects that need to be finished, because there are always projects going on in my life, but the bulk of the hard work will be done soon and the projects that I have on the top of my list should be finished in the coming few weeks as they’re pretty easy. There’s finishing the gallery wall in the living room and filling a couple of large frames in the bedroom. Then there’s also the making of a new bed skirt. It’s taken me a couple of years but it’s so nice to finally have a place that reflects who I am and the reminders of others are no longer present. I can’t wait to finish!!!

What are you up to this weekend? Who else going through a massive tidying project? Or massive purge? Do you have any tips, suggestions, or words of wisdom?

Hope you guys all have a wonderful Saturday!






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