Share the Love


What’s everyone up to? Anyone running the LA Marathon? No matter what you’re up to today, I hope you take a moment to share some love today, even if you’re single and free! Here are some ideas in case you’re stuck on what you could do.

  1. Do a good deed – buy the person behind you at the coffee shop a cup of coffee, or pay their toll
  2. Share a positive message on social media
  3. Call someone to tell them you love and appreciate them
  4. Smile and say “Hi!” to people
  5. Give someone a hug, even if it’s your cat or dog, hell hug a tree if you happen to be out there hiking today
  6. Be positive and look on the bright side even when your morning smoothie explodes all over the kitchen – you need to clean the floor anyways, right? 🙂
  7. Play happy music, the kind that makes you want to get up and dance, then get up and dance
  8. Make someone a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, something
  9. Let someone merge in front of you and do it with a smile
  10. Donate clothes and shoes to the needy
  11. Babysit your friend’s kids for free
  12. Hold the elevator door for someone
  13. Make a charitable donation
  14. Donate books to your local library
  15. Leave extra time on a parking meter
  16. Tell someone they look beautiful
  17. Tell someone your sorry
  18. Eat and buy local
  19. Send a care package to someone
  20. Be kind to yourself

Love you guys!!!



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