Monday Motivation from John Quincy Adams


Happy Monday!!! Who else has the day off besides me? What’s everyone up to? I’m planning on doing some catch up on the blog and might even give Lexi a bath. I know, talk about a totally wild and crazy day for me.

Oh, and I also have some recipe ideas that I want to putz around with in the kitchen today. I’ve actually spent most of the weekend with food on the brain. Shopping, making, photographing, researching, and more. What can I say, if my Instagram feed has been inspiring people to get out there and chase their own definitions of epic, then I’m hoping I can also use it to inspire people to make delicious meals at home. No offense to all the restaurant owners out there but you can be just as epic at home as you can be bagging some 14-ers or running a marathon. After all, it’s good honest food that enables me to #chaseepic!

And, if my actions can indeed inspire others, then I couldn’t be more happy on this President’s Day! Now, to give the dog a bath!

Happy President’s Day!



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