Cheers Susan

Hey, I’m Susan, but my friends call me Suz! Thank you for stopping by to learn more. I work and live in LA and I’m mom to an amazingly sweet Lab, Lexi, and a cat who answers to Dexter, but only when he wants.

This blog is a place to share our adventures as we live the good life here in California. We spend our weekdays working, cooking, running, hitting up the farmers market, and plugging along on projects to make our place our home. On the weekends, you’ll find us out exploring, backpacking, hiking, camping, tackling summits in the summer, and snowboarding and snowshoeing in the winter. What can I say? We have a hard time sitting still!

A few things about me:

  1. One could say I’m obsessed with food. Cooking, baking, reading about food, learning about food, watching food documentaries, going to farmers markets, hitting up food specific festivals, taking food tours, and last but not least, eating.
  2. You probably won’t be able to guess my favorite room in the house. It’s the kitchen! Bet you didn’t see that one coming.
  3. I never leave the house without my sunglasses. They’re a permanent accessory.
  4. Mornings without coffee are incredibly disappointing.
  5. A wear insanely bright running shoes. Currently, they are neon yellow and they’re awesome!!! I swear they make me run faster.
  6. I live by my Moleskine and lists.
  7. Margaritas are possibly the best things ever.
  8. I have a really hard time sitting still and kinda suck at not multi-tasking.
  9. I’m a California native.
  10. I’ve been told that I make the BEST chocolate chip cookies. They’re pretty damn amazing if I do say so myself.
  11. I grew up in the country and can run a chainsaw, tractor, and power tools. Nail guns scare me!
  12. I’m a self-taught cook and baker.
  13. I’m allergic to Brussels Sprouts and deathly afraid of spiders.
  14. I love books and read, okay, make that listen to audio books, every chance I get.
  15. Road trips are the best.
  16. My closet is color coded and my spices are organized in complimentary groupings.
  17. My favorite color is grey.
  18. I think I love the ocean and the mountains equally because in all honesty I can’t decide which I love more. So I must love them the same amount, tight?
  19. Autumn used to be my favorite season, but now, I think I love them all.
  20. I’m currently trying to learn about all of the typical American sports. Football, basketball, baseball, etc. I choose my football team based on their helmet design. Yep, I’m that kind of girl!
  21. I’m a morning person. Dear Coffee, I Love You!
  22. I’ve had my heart broken and I’m not gonna lie…it sucked.
  23. I cannot rollerskate. There’s too much falling down involved.
  24. I would like to start my own company, write a book or two, and possibly build my own house in the next year or two.
  25. Above all, I love my family and friends dearly. They are awesome!




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